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Learn Tuscan decorating ideas from an interior design expert that will transform your home into a little bit of Tuscany

This comprehensive eBook, full of strategies and hundreds of photos, will help you easily and affordably create a satisfying and enjoyable Tuscan style home.

Dear Tuscan Designer Friend:

Photo of Linda, our decorator

Do you want to transform your home into a little bit of Tuscany?

Are you looking for Tuscan decorating ideas that are straightforward and budget-friendly?

Do you need some inspiration to begin that Tuscan decorating project?

Do you want to learn some techniques & strategies for getting the job done so you can begin enjoying your Tuscan-style home?


Hello, my name is Linda. I’m an interior design expert and I’ve been helping people transform their homes for over 25 years. I know what you need to do to complete a successful home decorating project.

My design team and I spent over 365 days putting together an informative, easy-to-use guide on how you can create your Tuscan dream home.

Cover of 'Decorating in the Tuscan Style'


Our downloadable eBook, Decorating in the Tuscan Style, has 162 pages of useful, affordable, and practical ideas and strategies (and hundreds of photos) for creating a Tuscan living environment. I have clients just like you who have used these inspirational tips and techniques with great success to create an enjoyable and livable Tuscan-style home.


Here are some pictures of what our eBook can help you create. Just imagine what you could do! What satisfaction you’ll feel as you walk through your newly decorated Tuscan-style home….

A collage of photos of Tuscany style ideas

As you learn more about decorating in the Tuscan style, you’ll understand what will make the most impact in your living spaces. It may be simplifying your living environments by clearing out the clutter and leaving "breathing space". Or it may be adding a few significant touches—a strong color or texture on the walls (one of the cheapest and easiest solutions for transforming a room), a striking piece of furniture or artwork, an indoor or outdoor fountain…. It may be a more major renovation involving new flooring, and updating kitchen and bathrooms.

Here are some ideas to help you get started.

Tuscan colors and textures

We had one visitor ask, “Where do I start? If it’s paint, then what colors?” Another visitor asked, “I want to paint my walls with a stone-type finish with that Tuscan feel and color but cannot find out how to go about doing it.” And another person asked, “How do I ‘do’ Italian wall finishes the easy way? Most of us don’t want to spend a year painting the villa!”

Choosing the color palette for your home is your first consideration in your Tuscan makeover—it is also a very personal decision. And paint is a safe, relatively inexpensive, yet a transformative place to start.

Use color and texture to complement and accent your rooms. The colors of the Tuscan palette derive from nature—the earth, the sky, the olive green of trees, the golden rays of the sun on a summer day. Tuscan colors include rich or subdued tones of umber (dark brown), rusty red, ochre (a brownish-yellow), apricot, orange, and peach tones, clear yellows, olive greens, and deep blues.

Choosing your paint colors is sooo important. To take the guesswork out of choosing your Tuscan paint colors, we've created a Tuscan paint palette in the eBook, Decorating in the Tuscan Style. We’ve used actual paint names and numbers from a major paint supplier. You can walk into their store, ask for the exact paint chips you need, and walk out with your Tuscan color palette. How easy and practical is that?

And because choosing your Tuscan paint colors is so personal, you’ll enjoy the Bonus Report, The Psychology of Color, which we’ve included with the purchase of the eBook. You’ll learn how colors impact us and which colors to choose (and stay away from!).

TIP #1 To help you decide on your color palette, we suggest you choose an inspiration piece. This is an insider trick that professional interior designers and decorators use, and it works! Your own Tuscan “inspiration” piece could be some colorful Tuscan pottery, a fabulous scarf from a trip to Italy, a painting or picture on a Tuscan theme. From this inspirational piece, you can determine your color palette, matching the significant pieces of furniture or furnishings you intend to keep (e.g. sofas, fabric from window treatments, carpet…) and decide on your primary and secondary (accent) colors.

Photo of Majolica pottery including a decorative plate Photo of Majolica pottery including a three vases
Tuscan-style Majolica Pottery

TIP #2 To further refine which Tuscan colors to use, ask yourself these questions. Do you spot a color you just love? What colors look good on you? (You want to look good in your new Tuscan-designed home!) What colors draw you—Lighter tones? Darker tones? Blues? Greens? Yellows? Reds? You don’t have to finalize your color choices at this stage. There is no law that says you have to pick your paint color and stick with it! You can continue to “tweak” your color choices as you make other decisions (e.g. flooring, fabric, surfaces, furniture, etc.)

TIP #3 Remember to check your light exposure. If there is a lot of grayness in the room, you may want to warm it up—with color. If it’s already a very sunny room, you can stay on the lighter, cooler side. Also important is what mood you would like in the room. Because color is so important in Tuscan design, I’ve included several chapters in the eBook on this topic.

TIP #4 It is a good idea to start collecting samples of paint, wallpaper and flooring along with fabric swatches. Carry them with you as well as information on room dimensions, window and door measurements. Once collected, you can sit in the comfort of your own home and make your decorating decisions.

Photo of several bolts of fabric

TIP #5 Consider a Tuscan wall treatment. Don’t be intimidated by that solid wall. Interior walls can be Venetian plastered or finished with textured paint (some of the new paints are textured). Or walls can be faux finished—which answers another visitor’s question, “How do I get drywall to look like a textured wall without actually texturizing it?” All these treatments can be used on drywall and are a great solution for uneven walls.

Think of your walls as a canvas. The walls are framing your room. You want to give them some depth and personality. Faux finishing, glazes, wall coverings, plaster techniques, etc. will give your walls a personality and interest that will feel “Tuscan.” Even extend your walls to the ceiling. Consider finishing the ceiling the same as the walls to give the room a continuity of flow.

Photo of a rustic wall finish and the brushes and paints used to create it Photo of a corner showing faux finishing
Home interior design with Tuscan style wall treatments

TIP #6 Find a way to “finish off” the wall. You might fill it with paintings, side by side, to create a window-pane effect of art work. You might “layer” wrought iron accessories to show off the silhouettes of a Tuscan collection. You can hang tapestries. Or add a fabulous mirror.

Photo of a drapery finial Photo of a decorative wall hanging Photo of a decorative mirror
Tuscan home décor and accessories

TIP #7 Try your hand at Tuscan decorative effects such as stenciling on wooden furniture (dressers, cabinets and bureaus) and on walls. Hand paint designs if you wish. Create frescoes (designs added to fresh plaster) or large pictures (murals). Consider adding molding to the walls to create symmetry and balance. Walls that are stone, stuccoed or frescoed enhance art work as well as show off their texture and color.

Photo of a wall stencilling Photo of aa stencilled wall
Stenciling—Tuscan style!

The more dramatic texturing and wall finishes can be complicated, if not done with some foresight and planning. We’ve devoted a whole chapter in the eBook to Tuscan Wall Treatments where we discuss the ins and outs of faux finishing, glazes, wall coverings, plaster techniques, etc.

But Wall Treatments aren’t all we cover (pun intended!). Decorating in the Tuscan Style is comprehensive with numerous checklists and suggestions so you’ll be organized and well prepared to begin (and complete!) your Tuscan decorating project.

Here’s what you’ll find in the eBook, Decorating in the Tuscan Style:

Decorating in the Tuscan Style

Chapter 1
In the Beginning—A Brief History of Tuscan Design
Chapter 2
The Elements of Tuscan Design
Chapter 3
Understanding Architectural Home Styles
Chapter 4
The Colors of Tuscan Design
Chapter 5
Setting Goals—Getting Started—9 Action Steps
Chapter 6
Tuscan Wall Treatments
Chapter 7
Flooring—Tuscan Style
Chapter 8
Tuscan Style Furnishings—Furniture, Lighting & Accessories
Chapter 9
Tuscan Style Textiles—Window Treatments & Soft Furnishings
Chapter 10
The Tuscan-Inspired Kitchen
Chapter 11
The Tuscan Bathroom
Chapter 12
Tuscan Living—Inside and Out
Chapter 13
Stylish Finish

With the comprehensive guide, Decorating in the Tuscan Style, you can create the Tuscan home you’ve always dreamed of…with ease and elegance. You’ll be inspired and ready to start your Tuscan decorating project.

Cover of 'Decorating in the Tuscan Style'


To download your copy of the 162-page eBook, Decorating in the Tuscan Style, click below:


The regular price of Decorating in the Tuscan Style is $67US but you can take advantage of our special introductory offer of $47US. This is considerably less than one hour’s consultation with a professional interior designer and will last you much longer!

And best of all, you can download the eBook instantly and have access to all of the tips, ideas, suggestions and how-to’s of Tuscan style decorating right now. You can begin transforming your home today using Tuscan décor and design ideas.

There is no risk to you. If you are not completely satisfied with Decorating in the Tuscan Style—for any reason—we offer you a complete, no-hassle refund for up to 365 days—that’s one full year. Just let us know if you are not completely satisfied, and we will refund your entire purchase price—cheerfully and happily.

To further inspire your Tuscan decorating and to help you get started today, we also offer you these special bonuses.

Super Bonus #1—“KITCHEN RENOVATIONS” Guide

Value $29.95

This survey will save you thousands of dollars in wasted time, effort, and materials. You’ll learn what to do and what not to do—the details that interior designers consider when planning a renovation.


Super Bonus #2—“PSYCHOLOGY of COLOR” Report

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Learn how color influences your mood, feelings, physical and mental health…and how it transforms a room!


Cover of 'Decorating in the Tuscan Style'


To download your copy of the 162-page eBook, Decorating in the Tuscan Style, click below:


Happy Tuscan Decorating! Let us know how you make out! And what you still want to know! We really do want to hear from you. We value your questions and feedback.



P.S. This introductory offer of $47USD is available only to the first 250 folks to download the eBook, Decorating in the Tuscan Style, so order now before the cost is raised to our regular price of $67US. We hope you’re one of our elite 250!

P.P.S. Remember, all this is of no risk to you. We will make every effort to satisfy any concerns you have. If you are not completely satisfied, for any reason, with Decorating in the Tuscan Style, the cost of the eBook will be refunded anytime within the first year of purchase. And you can still keep your Bonus Reports. What kind of deal is that!

Explore the possibilities…
Create the state of mind and spirit that is Tuscany….